raleigh-st-augustine1Raleigh St. Augustine

Featuring a deep green color with wide & flat blades, this grass spreads and forms a thick, carpet-like lawn and is known to crowd out most weeds and other grass species.



Palmetto-st-augustine1Palmetto St. Augustine

Known to provide a superior shade and higher tolerance to frost, cold, heat and drought, this versatile turfgrass grows well in the southern USA and adapts to a wider range of soil and climate conditions. Perfect for residential or commercial application.



Empire ZoysiaEmpire Zoysia

Mow less often with Empre Zoysia grass. This grass survives well in most weather conditions such as the hot Texas climate and is highly drought resistant. This grass is very soft to the touch, disease resistant, durable and has a bold dark green color.



Jamur ZoysiaJamur Zoysia

Jamur Zoysia produces a medium textured, dense turf that has an unusually high recovery rate from injury. This wear and drought tolerant grass also provides better cold, insect and disease resistant than other Zoysia varieties



Zorro ZoysiaZorro Zoysia

Zorro Zoysia grass has a texture, density and is able to adapt to various mowing heights. It also offers a supreme playing surface for gold course areas; tees, fairways, fringes and roughs. The Zorro Zoysia has an excellent shade tolerance compared to other warm season grasses which allows it to grow in many places other grasses simply can not. Ideal for tropics close to the transition zone, this Zorro also sports high fall color retention.