Our Process

This image was processed by Neat Image. NeatImage.comOur process is simple, we recognize that your needs are many and vary from customer to customer. We can handle many projects no matter how big or small they may be. We offer many services including our landscape design/architectural expertise to our construction/installation services. We will provide you with many suggestions as we guide you through the whole process, once we have assessed and understand all your individual concerns and needs. We will provide you with an estimate free of charge. Our goal is to provide you with great customer service, make you happy, and turn your yard into a beautiful masterpiece for you to enjoy for years to come.

Initial Meeting

From our initial meeting, we will walk with you to discuss the area of interest. This will help us to understand exactly your wants and needs of your landscaping.


  • Free Estimates with no Design

Katy Landscaping Estimators will meet with you to discuss your project ideas, review the project area(s), and provide a free project estimate.

  • 3D Design Service

Katy Landscaping offers interactive 3d design services.  This service allows you to view your project in 3d form, a virtual representation of your finished project/design.  Whether you choose to have a low maintenance colorful yard or a backyard oasis we can design the right fit for you. A well implemented design in not a “plant collection” but a balance of plants, hardscapes, and materials in a specific place. The designers at Katy Landscaping combine their knowledge of design principles, plants, materials, your wants and needs to create a unique landscape specifically for you. There are many different types of landscaping that can be seen across the Katy/Houston Area. We live in a climate that offers us many choices of beautiful plants and trees. Once your design has been completed we will schedule a second appointment to review your design, explain the layout, and overall landscape features.

3d Designs require an initial design fee of $100.00 for smaller yards, and $125.00 for larger more complex designs/yards. 

Starting the Job

An estimated start date will be given once all the details have been worked out. This start date my change depending on the weather, change orders, or hoa approvals. Katy Landscaping will be responsible for calling and having all the utility lines marked when applicable prior to starting installations. Here at Katy landscaping we take great pride in our installation services and our team.