If you are not certain about how to proceed with your landscape project or budget is a big consideration then a good first step would be to consult with us first. We can help you to prioritize your next steps in moving forward and to develop a plan of implementation that will work within your budget.


All selection of gardens are designed so that every one has easy access for maintenance as well a comfortable flow of decor to your personal interest. We will help design as well select hardy plants for your personal needs. A few selections of gardens are as follows: Rock gardens, Vegetable gardens, Flower gardens, Herb gardens, Cactus gardens, Cottage gardens, Tropical gardens, Children gardens, Zen gardens, Pizza gardens, Rose gardens, Japaneses gardens, and Butterfly gardens.


You can select from various options in walkways such as pavestone, flagstone and even gravel walkways which gives a means of direction through your gardens and home.

services_6Custom Wooden Structures

Katy Landscaping can also design your own personal Trellis, Decks, Arbors, raised Vegetable Beds, and Swings which ads character and interest to your home and gardens.

services_4Water Features

We can provide optional Water Features that are not only beautiful, but have natural sounds that attract even some of natures most interesting wildlife. Features offered : Creeks; Ponds; Fountains; and Waterfalls

services_9Maintenance Program

This  program is designed to keep your investment looking it’s best all year long. With our quarterly visits we will provide services such as weeding beds; pruning shrubs; Fertilizing 4X a year and adding Hardwood Mulch 2x a year.

services_7Commercial Accounts

My Fit Foods (Katy)
Current Church
Shell Gas Station (Katy)

Other Services

Katy Landscaping also offers many other services.